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Virtual Assistant

Hire Your Next Candidate Now

Modern Day Staffing Agency

When you choose us as your staffing provider, you’ll be able to easily hire your next virtual assistant by collaborating with one of our consultants.

Reliable & Cost Efficient Recruitment Agency

We take great satisfaction in offering the best candidates to our clients; we never cut corners during the hiring process and we never compromise on quality.

Three Steps of Recruitment


Easy Online Sign-up

Use our online sign up form to submit your job description/requirements quickly and easily.


Schedule Consultation

Schedule and meet your Customer Success Manager (CSM) and start delegating your first tasks to find your perfect virtual assistant


Start Delegating To Your Virtual Assistant

VAS360 finds the right VA, equipped and trained with your desired experience and skills to help grow your business

Solving Recruitment Using Human Technology

In today’s market, there are numerous technology platforms that enable you to recruit talent. We believe that when recruiting talent, it is always best to have real people vet potential virtual assistants, this process should never be left to AI- “Artificial Intelligence.”