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Shane Moreland 

I have been with for over 8 months now. Amazing service that you can't replicate for the cost in a busy environment...Was just sitting here reflecting over the last three months (covid), Only company I deal with 100% put there income aside for minute. I have never seen that before until now and it's amazing and should speak volumes about Amhed, Team, and this company alone. 🥳🙏

Brandon French

It’s hard to do everything it takes to run a wireless store these days. Unfortunately, sometimes marketing was moved to the back burner (not good I know). That’s where Uppluck saved the day for me. They handle the stuff I’m not good at! The team is very helpful when I need them. They knew exactly what to do boost my business on social media and google. These guys are AWESOME!!!!

Ricky Gomer 

Marketing was hard to do, I don't have the time to come up with videos and other stuff. I got in contact with Ahmed and he hooked me up with all my social media and had his team help me with my website! This company is awesome and has the best part is they do what they say. great team and customer service. 

Karim Nada 

Ahmed is an awesome guy!! He and the rest of the guys always helped me with any questions! My business has been busier than ever and it’s all thanks to Uppluck! 5 stars!!

Soomar Hasan

Time is money for me. the Bots are so cool. I’m glad you called me and got me this service. I was thinking about it but didn’t know who to call. My page is always updated, there is always new content, and any questions have an immediate response. None of this takes time away from everything else I do, then, if I want to create a specific video or add, Uppluck makes it easier for me to do! I’m a happy customer.

Yousef Yafai

Enrolling in UPPLUCK was the greatest thing I could do to increase my business sales and reach out to more customers. Since enrollment my sales had went up, More and more customers calling us about our products & services. UPPLUCK is the greatest and the best platform for your business to increase your sales!!!

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