Google Ads

By far, Google Ads are the fastest way to get new customers.


Dominate your competition

You're not the only one doing what you're doing. To win, you not only need to be better,
but your business also needs to rank above the competition in the Google search results.

Did you know

Google Ads is a must-have for your success

Top 3

search RESUlts get half the clicks

Paid Ads

Is where the most leads come from


of all clicks from paying customers come from google ads


more customers will find your business from google ads

When we need something specific (like a new phone or screen repair), we search Google for it.

Customers are searching for what your business offers will either find your business on Google or your competitor's.

If you are higher on Google's list, you win. If your competitor is, they win. 

Uppluck will put you ahead of your competition. 


We not only are a certified Google Partner, but we also have more than 25 years of experience in the wireless retail and repair industry.

No Long-term Contracts

Our service is month-to-month -- That means we have to earn your business every single month.

Advanced Strategy

Anyone can start a simple Ads account and throw up some Ads, but our Google Ads specialists are experts in advanced advertising strategy, taking your ads from just “ok” to “awesome!” 

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The time is now. Your competition won't wait. Why should you?

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